3 product /goods you considered as the most important in daily life? Why?

Mobile phone, the reason :

  1. Communication tools that can still connect with family and friends, especially girlfriends
  2. Can be a friend when bored
  3. Could be a liaison with the outside / internet

Money, the reason :

  1. As a means of exchange, this function is very important because the exchange without using money that is very difficult. With the money, the difficulties arising from barter can be overcome. Exchanges can be made directly between the cool with the money they have.
  2. As a means of unit of account, ith the cash, the value of the asset can be measured and compared. Asset values can be expressed by the price. The use of money as the unit of account will allow the public to determine the value of the item.

Television, the reason :

  1. Telesivion can tell us about the information that is happening in the world
  2. Can give us a lot of knowledge of the events on television
  3. Could be entertainment