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Ten differences between Generation X and Generation Y employees

Recruitment is an ever changing landscape, and with demographics continually changing it makes for some interesting recruiting strategies going forward. The early Baby Boomers (defined as being born between 1946 to 1964, and aged between 43-61) are now starting to retire, and as recruiters we are now having to put more of a focus on Generation X-ers (defined as being born between 1965 to 1979, and aged between 28-42) and Generation Y-ers (defined as being born between 1980 and 1984, and aged between 13-27).
But to recruit and retain people from these two generations, then we surely need to understand what makes them tick in a working environment. Krista Third of Tamm Communications has noted ten different workplace differences between the X and Y generations that we should all take note of:
1. Preferred style of leadership
  • – only competent leaders will do
  • Y – collaboration with management is expected
2. Value of Experience
  • X – don’t tell me where you have been, show me what you know
  • Y – experience is irrelevant, as the world is changing so fast
3. Autonomy
  • X – give them direction, and then leave them to it
  • Y – questions, questions, questions
4. Feedback
  • – expect regular feedback
  • – need constant and immediate feedback
5. Rewards
  • X – freedom is the ultimate reward
  • Y – money talks
6. Training
  • X – want to continually learn, if they don’t they will leave
  • Y – still in an exam driven mentality
7. Work Hours
  • X – do their work and go home
  • Y – will work as long as needed …or until they get bored
8. Work Life Balance
  • X – they want to enjoy life to the full, while they are young enough to do so
  • Y – their lives are busy – they need alot of ‘me’ time
9. Loyalty
  • X – they are committed as everyone else working there
  • Y – already working out their exit strategy
10. Meaning of Money
  • X – it gives freedom and independence
  • – just something that allows them to maintain their lifestyle

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